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Whole-House Remodel

Decisions, decisions

Often times whole-house remodeling is considered when people are planning on selling their home or wanting to make it a home they can fall in love with again.  Understanding the reason for the remodel is extremely important when making choices on the level of renovation, budget, and addition of new amenities. BathHouse can expertly guide you through the process and deliver the renovation you require.

Time to love it again

A whole-house remodel is a way to breathe new life and functionality into your home.  Whether you are a long time owner noticing the dated feel of the home or an owner wanting a fresh start, you’ve made the decision to take action. Want to update your home with modern amenities, better utilization of space, transform to a more open-concept design, create handicap accessibility, or add additional space?  Your home can be reconfigured with your unique needs in mind. Larger projects, such as wall removal and structural changes, are often involved when customizing the entire home. BathHouse can expertly guide you through the process and deliver the renovation you desire.

Time to sell your home

Doing a whole-house remodel prior to the sale of your home may increase the value of your home and make it more enticing to potential buyers. A focus on necessary repairs and freshening up spaces with paint, fixtures, flooring, and cabinetry/countertops are typical. Keeping selections neutral is best for appealing to majority of buyers. And industry experts agree updating kitchens and bathrooms have the best return on investment. Let BathHouse assist you in preparing your home for the competitive real estate market.